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Marketing & Finance; Understanding the dynamics

The best marketing organizations have answers to the following questions: What is your efficiency/effectiveness in Marketing? What is your CAC/CLTV ratio? What is your payback period? What percentage of expenses is acceptable to spend on Sales & Marketing? Should Marketing answer these questions; it should. But can it? It can, when it is supported by Finance. As […]

Learnings from Sales & Marketing Spend of Public Consumer Companies

What percentage of expenses is acceptable to spend on Sales & Marketing: 4% or 52%. What if I told you that both are acceptable answers? Looking at a few dozen public companies (focusing on consumers, knowing that B2B/SaaS dynamics are even more different), I found interesting answers to these questions. The quarterly and yearly earnings […]

Developing Marketing skills & capabilities

Everyone in their career focuses on learning the latest tools or technologies. These rarely change the game as they’re “just” skills. TikTok or Prompt Engineering are platforms and skills but aren’t necessarily capabilities you can be competent in. In the example you just read, understanding TikTok as a platform and the content there helps build […]

Learnings from Managing Marketing Budgets

In my 1st job in Marketing, I ‘managed’ a marketing budget of less than €5.000 a month (mainly paid acquisition spend), eventually growing it to about €20.000 a month. My budget responsibility has grown significantly a few jobs later, while I am now responsible for a yearly eight-digit figure ($)💸. This creates a need for […]

Supporting Marketing: The Role of Marketing Operations

This blog post was written in partnership with Ian Hoyt, who’s RVshare’s Marketing Project Manager. While you pass through the growth stages of departments, things start breaking. Teams become less efficient. There is more work and often less accountability. In a small startup, everyone shares the responsibility because there is no one else to blame […]

Diversifying Channels for Actual Growth

I’ve worked with many companies who’ve shown exceptional growth, triple digits year over year that brings them to the next levels in their industries (music, education, marketplaces, etc.). But… in some cases, it wasn’t as good as it should have been. Because the main channels that they were using were vastly too big for what […]

Onboarding Marketers: What do you need to know or do in Month 1?

Recruiting, Hiring and building out marketing teams has been what I’ve focused on for the last years. While starting at RVshare in June 2018, my latest role, I wanted to have an impact right away and read into how to best onboard myself in a new environment. But it was also important to provide a […]