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Growth, SEO & Web Analytics geek, turned marketing executive. Martijn Scheijbeler is an experienced growth marketing executive. Blogging and speaking about what’s happening in Growth/Marketing across the world.

Currently I’m working at Postmates as the Director of SEO. Previously I worked at The Next Web as the Director of Marketing,  Springest and within The Next Web / TNW Labs for: Twitter Counter and Pr.co.

Also I’m a keynote speaker, over the last years I’ve spoken at 25+ global conferences including: All Things Data, Opticon, MeasureFest, ConversionSummit, Growth Summit, DAA Symposium San Francisco, HeroPPC, ConversionJam, Digital Elite Camp, etc. You can find some of my presentations on my SlideShare account.

You can also occasionally find me blogging on other sites, including: The Next Web, Moz, Optimizely and other marketing industry related blogs.

Who am I really?

Currently I’m working on SEO & Growth at Postmates. Previously I was at The Next Web as its Director of Marketing. Which means I’m spending my time working on managing the team, our marketing strategy and with my team on driving more audience growth & engagement to The Next Web. We’re focused as a team on: audience development/growth & engagement + retention, marketing & web analytics, branding, product (management) and data across The Next Web and the projects we work on: Index.co, TNW Conference and  TNW Deals.

I’m specialized in audience development, search engine optimization/ SEO, testing & optimization, CRO, web analytics: Google Analytics, tag management: Google Tag Manager.

Before that I worked for Springest, an educational comparison site, for over four years, joining as their 1st employee at the early start I spent my time across many areas, including: data management, product, analytics and technical support. Mainly my role was focused around traffic acquisition through: SEO, affiliate marketing and PPC (Google Adwords, Bing) across the four countries (NL, BE, DE, UK) that Springest operates in.

When I’m not working, I’m probably still working ;). I like to spend my time reading, doing some development work (RoR) on some side projects to create some new tools and/or playing around with APIs.

What can I help you with?

  • You want to learn more about Marketing, Tag Management, CRO, SEO & Web Analytics.
  • You want my advice around Tag Management, CRO, SEO or Web Analytics.
  • You’re looking for a speaker around CRO, Web Analytics, Tag Management or SEO for your event/meetup.


I’ve been a keynote speaker at many international events on Growth, Marketing, SEO, Experimentation, Web Analytics. For inquiries please email me at martijn.scheijbeler@gmail.com.

Conferences I’ve spoken at:

  • Opticon
  • Conversion Jam
  • Conversion Summit
  • Growth Marketing Conference
  • DAA Symposium
  • Emerce Conversion
  • MeasureFest
  • MeasureCamp
  • Friends of Search
  • All Things Data
  • Online Tuesday
  • PRNews Conference
  • Digital Elite Camp
  • Conversion World
  • eMetrics Summit
  • HeroPPC Summit
  • Growth Marketing Summit
  • BrightonSEO
  • Login Startup Festival
  • Growth Tribe SEO Workshop
  • Tradecraft

Get in touch!

Haven’t found a way yet to get in touch with me? You can find me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn. Or just shoot me an email at: martijn.scheijbeler@gmail.com or martijn.scheijbeler@postmates.com. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.